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Duracoat Galvanized Poseidon Blue ~ 11/0 JSB D5115



Approximately 30 grams of beads in a 6 inch tube. Duracoat is a durable clear coating to prevent fading, chipping, rubbing off or tarnishing in dyed and metallic beads. Add a pop of vibrant color and long-lasting shine to any jewelry project with our 11/0 Duracoat Galvanized Poseidon Blue beads. With approximately 30 grams of high-quality beads in each 6 inch tube, you'll have enough to create stunning pieces that are built to last. Our unique Duracoat coating ensures that these beads won't fade, chip, rub off, or tarnish over time, preserving the beauty of your designs. Elevate your work with the durability and brilliance of our D5115 beads today!