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Duracoat Silver Lined Yellow Alabaster ~ 11/0 JSB D4236



Approximately 30 grams of beads in a 6 inch tube. Duracoat is a durable clear coating to prevent fading, chipping, rubbing off or tarnishing in dyed and metallic beads. "Experience the best of both worlds with our 11/0 Duracoat Silver Lined Yellow Alabaster - D4236 beads. Enjoy the stunning color and shine of metallic beads, without worrying about fading, chipping, rubbing off, or tarnishing. Our durable clear coating, Duracoat, ensures long-lasting beauty in every bead. With approximately 30 grams in each 6 inch tube, you'll have plenty to create your own dazzling designs. So go ahead, let your creativity shine!"