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Picasso Opaque Smoky Black ~ 11/0 JSB 4511


Approximately 30 grams of beads in a 6 inch tube. "11/0 Japanese Picasso Opaque Smoky Black - 4511 is a perfect addition to any beading collection. Its beautiful smoky black coloring adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to any jewelry piece. These high-quality beads are designed to last and provide endless possibilities for stunning creations. This 6 inch tube contains approximately 30 grams of our top-of-the-line Japanese Picasso Opaque beads, providing you with more than enough to complete multiple projects. With each bead carefully crafted and hand-selected, you can trust in the premium quality and timeless beauty of these beads. Elevate your beading game with 11/0 Japanese Picasso Opaque Smoky Black - 4511."