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White Nymo D - 3 oz cone


Please note before purchasing:
According to the manufacturer, ALL Nymo is bonded no matter if the label reads as such or not as it is part of the manufacturing process. With that being said, some of our cones say "bonded" and some don't. 
We will only accept returns for unopened cones with our label still attatched. 

Nymo is a nylon thread, specifically made for beading seed beads. We recommend coating your thread with beeswax or other thread conditioner before beginning any seed or bugle bead project. It will keep the thread from fraying and help it last longer. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nicole Poorman

Love this ! It's strong ! Doesn't break

Sandra Lewis
The thread

I just wasnt real satisfied with the nymo size D thread. It didnt feel like the size D thread I had gotten from another seller. The thread felt real flimsy almost like regular sewing thread. I could feel the difference as soon as I went to use it. It didnt feel as thick as other size D thread I used. I thought it could have been like size B because it kind of had the same feel to it.

Here at Powwow Bling, we strive to make every customer happy with their purchase if for any reason you are not we have provided an email to reach out. Unfortunately I did not see an email from you about this issue, but I went ahead and sent you a partial refund on Saturday 9/2. Please keep the thread and hopefully you can find a use for it. Please send us an email at if we can be of any further assistance.

May-Lyric Smith
Quality products

Always happy when I order from Pow wow bling!

Amber Taylor
Great thread!

Wonderful service from a great company